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Dec 14

Azure Stack: A summary of key benefits.

Intro By now most organizations know what Azure Stack is and how they can use its foundational services. But what about all the additional benefits you instantly get by using Azure Stack with its new service provider orientated Cloud model? Flexible cloud benefits which are not available in traditional IT environments are now delivered as …

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Oct 09

Azure Stack – Thoughts about an Integrated System

Many people were disappointed when Microsoft made the announcement that Azure Stack is being delivered as part of an integrated hardware system at GA from Dell, Hardware and Lenovo. For good reason. It was indirectly advertised and understood by many as the new ‘Windows Azure Pack’ (WAP). Allowing you to deploy it on own hardware …

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Mar 17

The need for Azure Stack – Part 1: Business value

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Jun 22

Azure Federation – Manually modify support for multiple domains

The ‘ SupportMultipleDomains’ switch creates a third claim rule when you add or update a federated domain for the first time so the Office 365 relying party trust is configured to identify multiple domains. You’ll have to specify the ‘SupportMultipleDomains’ switch the first time you add a federated domain, otherwise the cmdlet errors out with the following …

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Jun 16

Multi-tenant Azure AD federation without the use of synchronization tools

Update: Added a multi-tenant PowerShell provisioning script to the TechNet gallery with examples mentioned in this blog. Download here. Introduction Microsoft is advocating their own synchronization tools (DirSync/AADSync/AADconnect/FIM) to federate with Azure AD. There are a lot of advantages using a synchronization tool, this way companies don’t need to develop their own solutions, it’s easy deployable, …

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May 26

Azure Demo : Batch Provision VM’s in thirteen data centers worldwide and manage them within 10 minutes!

Introduction When I got my Azure subscription, the first thing I was interested in was creating a VM somewhere else then in our data centers in Amsterdam and better yet in every available Azure data center in the world! This is not easy task to do via the portal or even with Azure PowerShell. Both …

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