Jun 01

Shrew Soft VPN filter blocks traffic on Windows 10

Because of management reasons we have to use Cisco VPN Client or ShrewSoft for VPN connections. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I also needed a VPN to our management servers. Both vendors have an outdated installer and apparently not compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (TP2) so I ended up with a connectivity problem.

The Cisco VPN client wouldn’t install, to overcome this issue you have to set the following reg key, restart your PC and install it again.

ShrewSoft VPN client installs, but after it is finished the network connection is lost. The adapter is still enabled but no packets are sent or received. This is because of the network client filter Shrew Soft installed. Somehow, (because of security/DNE corruption reasons?) a legacy scripted install won’t allow the filter to be correctly installed on Windows 10. The solution is to uninstall the filter and install the filter manually like the screenshot below.

When you still have no network connection after a reboot then run winfix.exe from Citrix, reboot again and then apply dneupdate64.msi. The winfix utility cleans up most Windows operating systems to enable installation of products that use DNE (VPN) and other products like DNE. The dneupdate installer installs the newest DNE filter which works with the Shrew Soft filter and solves the issue entirely.  More information can be found on their page http://www.citrix.com/go/lp/dne.html


Re-install Shrew Soft network filter